First of all, we are parents who see the need for changes in education system. We see how many children cannot find themselves in the traditional school and how little the traditional school prepares them to live in the present and future. The main goal of our activities is to equip children with the necessary skills, tools and competences to cope with any situation.

Creating a unique place for Creo students we were inspired by the Scandinavian model of education, pedagogy of Reggio Emilia and Montessori, the Dalton plan and the non-violent communication idea. We believe that learning is a natural need for children and they are able to learn whatever they want. By allowing children to take responsibility for themselves, we create a space for developing internal motivation, which is necessary for self-study and also the basis for mental health and life satisfaction.

We do not accept the current education system, which is heavily “overdue”. The number of children who get tired at school is increasing every year. Depression and other mental illnesses are increasing. Staying in such a system is dangerous for our children, our students. Neglecting emotional needs and joyful, friendly learning is unacceptable to us. That is why we focus on action and creating alternatives.

Our approach is modern and adapted to the current educational needs of students, but it is based on experience known in many countries of the world. We draw on the wisdom and experience of others, because we are open to continuous development, we adhere to the philosophy of lifelong learning, we gain new experiences, develop ourselves and create solutions, adapting them to our students.

We are not only teachers, but moderators and tutors for whom it is important to educate and prepare students and their surroundings for the life and functioning in the modern dynamic world.