What makes us stand out from the rest?

By opening our school we want to create a unique place that is a strong alternative to systemic schools. At our school we pay special attention to foreign languages and key competences development, as well as strive to to educate and train a citizen of the world who will be prepared to live in the changing world. We aim to to make Creo graduates aware of their own values, be responsible for their own choices, be open to diversity and change. We instill in them  the skills of communication, self-organization, management of their emotions, team work, goal setting s and a conscious desire for self-organization.

Every child who creates his future in accordance with his convictions is important to us. We focus on cooperation, not competition. We do not evaluate or judge with the help of the assessment, but only provide feedback on the child’s progress and effectiveness. We don’t have school bells, we work at our own pace. We follow the child, establish the scope of acquired competences and help to develop his passions.

What makes us stand out from the rest:

• we focus on relationships and communication
• we use principles of non-violent communication (NVC)
• we teach children independence, self-control and responsibility for their decisions
• we boost students’ self-confidence, commitment, motivation to learn, and self-esteem
• we focus on cooperation and ability to work in a group
• we shape habits of effective action (including learning, decision making, setting goals, striving for self-realization)
• we develop competences, interests and talents
• we build attitudes of openness, empathy and tolerance
• we individualize teaching process
• tutor program
• development and improvement of language proficiency: English – every day, additional foreign languages starting from the preparatory class
• experiential teaching, interdisciplinarity
• innovative and creative teaching methods
• project method
• health education
• global education
• integrated education
• formative assessment
• no school bells
• small groups
• useful homework
• holiday care for one month
• good catering
• education and care between 7.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m.
• great location, beautiful building, comfortable space
• own garden, a lot of time outdoors

Planned projects:

• Non-singing choir
• Volunteers from AIESEC
• Program of 7 habits of effective activity according to Stephen Covey
• “School with children’s rights” project
• “Multicultural world” and “Global education” combined project
• “Safe child in the Internet” project
• “Most Dangerous Ways to School” project
• “I help” volunteering project