We build our relationships on the most important foundations: honesty and trust. We support and complement each other and diversity of our talents results in a lot of interesting projects where we apply our knowledge, experience and passions. We focus on continuous development and improvement to ensure the best environment for development.


Anastasia has a master’s degree in Russian philology (University of Wroclaw) and a master’s degree in management (Wroclaw School of Banking). Several years of experience in the fields of linguistic proofreading, book publishing, marketing and PR. For more than 10 years she has been holding a managerial position in an international company, since 2016 she has been the president of the association, supporting seriously ill persons as a part of charity. Since 2018 she is the founder and the president of the Multilingual Children Foundation that  supports children and families from various cultural backgrounds and educates bilingual and multilingual children, conducting linguistic and intercultural projects in Wroclaw kindergartens and schools. Passionate about multilingualism, interculturalism, social psychology, effective communication, alternative solutions and a holistic approach. Certified specialist in the field of children’s bilingualism and multilingual education. Communication specialist, practitioner, certified trainer of critical thinking and social skills trainer.

Anastasia’s experiences, studies abroad, travels and a desire to study cultures from different parts of the world have shaped in her openness to the world and flexibility of thinking. Working with children became the basis of the interest for child psychology, parenting and non-violent communication. Common development and exploring of the world through the eyes of a child has become an impulse for exploring various pedagogical trends, with particular interest in the philosophy of Reggio Emilia. Reflections on the further educational path of her bilingual children have led her to act and work in nonformal and alternative education.

She believes that the only certain thing in life is change, which is crucial to understand the need for changes in education and to ensure holistic and at the same time comprehensive development and a rich educational foundation to prepare children for the future. So Anastasia has decided to create Creo kindergarten and school, a unique place drawing on the best models of Scandinavian education, democratic schools, Reggio Emilia approach, where the most important are the interpersonal relationships and the well-being of the child, creating his own happy future.


Katarzyna is a traveler and performer. She is a graduate of Primary and pre-school education Faculty and a graduate of Graphics of Arts and Art Mediation Faculty at the Academy of Fine Arts. For many years she has been working with children of different ages as part of nonformal education. She participated in international projects and artistic exchanges. Katazryna was a co-organizer of the open air painting in Slovakia, where from 2016 she has been running her own project entitled “Social Performance” with children in the Roma ghettos. She worked as an artistic curator in an international charity project entitled “Circle of Good”, organized for the benefit of children of different ages from the Donetsk region. For several years associated with pre-school education, recently also early education. She has completed NVC course, pedagogy of the Dalton plan and a number of courses about methods of working with children, in her daily work she incorporates elements of music therapy, rhythmics, art therapy, and non-violent communication, mindfulness, and a closeness and holistic approach to child development are in her blood.

From an early age she is passionate about the art of improvisation which she expresses in dancing, singing and story-telling. For 10 years she has been creating diaries, consisting of photographic reports, notes interspersed with automatic drawings, sketches, poems and paintings. She passes her passions to children with great commitment. She has got interested in alternative education ever since she read “Summerhill”.

In private life, she is an active mother of a very independent son who accompanies her in the education of other children, incl. conducting workshops on intercultural education in primary schools.


She is a very patient and minfull certified TEFL English teacher and Native Spanish teacher from Colombia, who start to get involved in the education field since she was a kid, because her parents and a big part of the family are teachers. Working with kids from all ages she got the chance to work as an English teacher in private school.
After the university she decided to join polish foundation as a volunteer. Here in Poland she has been working on leading activities in a camps for kids from all ages using English and Spanish.
Here in Poland she realized how much she enjoys teaching and share her time with kids, to see them learn and grow everyday.


Educator, certified trainer of social skills, mediator, fascinated with visual thinking and graphical notation.
With many years of practice in educating social competences in various age groups. She has experience in working with the elderly, women at risk of social exclusion, in conducting workshops for children, adolescents and adults.
Communication specialist, passionate about visual thinking, graphic facilitator. She conducts trainings in creating graphic notes and visual communication.
Trainer, educator, practitioner: during training, she shares her practical knowledge with parents, educators and teachers on how to shape social competences, support children in their natural skills, assertiveness and willingness to overcome difficulties. Educates how to deal with stress related to public speaking.
Founder and president of one of the international clubs supporting the education of social skills – Toastmasters Piła, where she also completed the leadership path, obtaining the international Competent Leader certificate.
She also works with the youngest children, both in preschool and early school age. In her work, she uses mediation techniques, being a certified mediator, a graduate of the Legal Training Center.
A mass catering technologist by first education and passion. She uses her knowledge in everyday and professional life, caring for the development of proper eating habits among children. It reveals the secrets of proper consumption, food preparation, nutritional values ​​and how they affect the functioning of the body.
A travel enthusiast, a passionate musician, a vocalist who has been giving concerts for several years. A poet with literary achievements. She conducted publishing activities, promoting Polish poets from all over the world, as well as integrating the Polish literary community.
Privately, a mother of three children (including two already adults), a leading parent, educating in the paradigm of closeness and mindfulness, focusing on respect and education for the world and personal freedom.
She runs a Dialogue Workplace – a mobile therapy room, supporting the process of change, working with adults, teenagers, youth and parents.


A Native English Teacher from the United States. Certified TEFL teacher with an experience in Montessori school and private lessons. Personally has 3 sisters and 4 brothers, so working with kids and sensitivity to their needs is something he is into. He enjoys playing guitar, photography, and traveling the world.



A graduate of psychology, family therapy and closeness parenting course for professionals by Agnieszka Stein. Her own children had taught her the most about being a (good enough) parent and the advantages of relationships over principles. At work, she draws on the trends of systemic psychology, intimacy parenting, non-violent communication (NVC), narrative psychology, neuropsychology, focus on relationships, playful parenting, positive parenting, self-reg.

She runs a blog http://by-byc.pl/

Speech Therapist (from September 2021)

Martyna has a MA in Polish philology and a postgraduate studies in speech therapy. Experienced speech therapist with many years of work with children. The owner of 3 nurseries for 8 years. She completed many training courses, incl. dysfunction therapy, course of the therapeutic method “Dyna Lingua M.S.”, study of psychotherapy for children and adolescents, children selective mutism and many others.
Open, communicative and full of positive energy person. She doesn’t like boredom because there is simply no time for it. She believes that priorities are important in order to have stability, a sense of security and joy in everyday life.

Perhaps we are just looking for you? ? If you are an active, open, creative person, if relationships and open communication are important to you, if you are a preschool education teacher and you know English at least at a communicative level, if you are interested in alternative working methods and you like forest trips and contact with nature then find the tab Career and contact us!

In addition to the main staff, we have a psychologist who will support the development and education of our children.

We also have a lot of people supporting our business who will conduct workshops and interesting meetings for our children.

We work with volunteers from AIESEC Polska.

Personal and professional development is important for us, that is why the staff has systematic trainings.

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