We are recruiting for 2020/2021 school year until we run out of places! After that the children are put on a waiting list. Kindergarten starts on September 2020.

FEES for year 2020/2021

Due to the general economic situation, which is the result of the epidemic, we leave the reduced tuition fee.
Full-day monthly tuition fee (10h): the amount of PLN 1,300. Participation in all classes, activities and projects from 7 am till 5:30 pm.
Part-day monthly tuition fee (5h): the amount of PLN 1,000. Participation in 5h of classes, activities and projects. The hours are flexible.
Registration fee: PLN 1,000. The entry fee can be paid in two installments.
The tuition fee may change in subsequent years.
The cost of full board meals: 16 PLN daily.

WARNING! If high tuition fees are the only obstacle to join our community then contact us. For us, individual needs and seeking common solutions are always important, that is why we consider the possibility of granting a scholarship to families who are close to our values ​​and ideas and who could not decide to stay in Creo for financial reasons. You are welcome to write to us.

Tuition fees include:
– child care from 7:00 till 17:30 from Monday till Friday,
– implementation of the core curriculum, activities and projects according the Reggio Emilia approach,
– everyday contact with the English language (development of bilingualism),
– closeness to nature (everyday activities in the garden),
– development of child social and communication skills, emotional intelligence, empathy and opennes to diversity,
– basic speech and psychological screening,
– storytelling and developing a passion for reading,
– art classes using various forms of creative expression,
– the elements of sensory integration classes,
– active, rhythmic and musical games,
– games and activities for creative thinking development,
– culinary workshops,
– project workchops,
– trips and visitations of interesting people.

Possible additional activities for a fee:
– corrective gymnastics,
– dance classes,
– additional language, for example Russian or Spanish,
– judo,
– swimming pool,
– sensory integration therapy,
– alpacotherapy.
We are open to your suggestions regarding additional activities for your children.



Send your notification of willingness to participate in the recruitment process by e-mail to the following address: [email protected] or by phone: +48723123844.


On the basis of the application, we contact the Parents to arrange an individual meeting during which it is possible to obtain comprehensive information about the school.


Parents and the school make decision to enrol the child on the list of students. We send a specimen agreement and statute of the institution. The deadline for signing the necessary documents is also set.


Information for parents on the provision of necessary documents. Signing a contract.